The Reformation and Islam

Karl Barth in conversation with Tariq Ramadan and Ali Gomaa


  • Glenn Chestnutt The Church of St. Andrew & St. Paul



This article investigates the use of Barth’s understanding of the “Just State” to see how contemporary Western society can accommodate religious pluralism, so that communities of different religious beliefs can strive towards a society which does not simply tolerate one another but finds a way to come together to cohabitate and create an egalitarian and just society for all. The article will attempt to bring into discussion Karl Barth, a twentieth century theologian, Tariq Ramadan, a leading European Muslim scholar and Ali Gomaa, the Egyptian former Grand Mufti, with the scope of demonstrating that, despite their different religious backgrounds, it is possible to bring Christianity and Islam into a fruitful conversation that will foster collaboration and understanding of the other.

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Glenn Chestnutt, The Church of St. Andrew & St. Paul

Rev. Dr. Glenn Chestnutt is the presiding minister at the Church of St. Andrew & St. Paul




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Chestnutt, Glenn. 2020. “The Reformation and Islam: Karl Barth in Conversation With Tariq Ramadan and Ali Gomaa”. Journal of the Council for Research on Religion 1 (2). Montreal, QC, Canada:31-46.