Call For Papers JCREOR Volume 5 Issue 1

Religious Tensions and Cohesions

The editors of McGill’s Journal of the Council for Research on Religion (JCREOR) are pleased to announce a call for papers for our forthcoming volume (Vol. 5, Issue 1). The issue will be dedicated to examining and understanding social cohesions and conflicts, with particular interest in what role religion or religious traditions play within communities of diverse peoples. Tension points within communities arise for various reasons, but what role does religion play in creating or appeasing these tension points? How do neighbours and communities living in close proximity to one another live with religious diversity? How do religious communities manage tensions within their communities? Has religion produced solutions or conflict? What approaches to social and cultural tensions have allowed for cohesion, and what approaches have led to intensification of tensions?


  • Call For Paper JCREOR Volume 1 Issue 1


    Call for Papers

     Journal of the Council for Research on Religion


    Journal Topic: Religion and Violence: Sources, History, and the Contemporary World

    Deadline: March 11th, 2019


    Description of volume:

     The McGill Journal of the Council for Research on Religion (JCREOR) invites contributions to the first edition of the Journal of the Council for Research on Religion web-based open access journal, which will be dedicated to the theme of Religion and Violence. Scholars are encouraged to submit papers that reflect on the following questions and themes: How has the understanding of the relationship between violence and religion changed over time? How does methodology shape the scholarship on religion and violence? Is religious violence different than secular/non-religious violence? By drawing attention to religious violence how has political discourse overlooked the religious victims of religious or secular violence? Is there a place for discussions of religious conceptions of non-violence in the scholarship on religion and violence? How can policy makers use scriptural sources to promote peace and social cohesion? We welcome interdisciplinary submissions dealing with any tradition or time period.


    Themes and Categories:


    • Anti-terrorism and de-radicalization
    • Construction/ deconstruction of religion
    • Culture vs scripture
    • Culture of violence
    • Eastern vs Western religious violence
    • Effects of post-colonialism
    • Extremism and radicalization
    • Gender and sexuality
    • Gender and development
    • Methodological approaches to religion and violence
    • Pluralism
    • Political violence vs religious violence
    • Religion and community building
    • Radical environmentalism
    • Religious freedom vs control
    • Religion and globalization
    • Religion and nationalism
    • Religion and violence in the media
    • Ritual and violence
    • State security
    • Terrorism
    • The role of hermeneutics
    • Toleration
    • Violence and textual traditions
    • Violence in the name of secularity


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